Danielle Simpson’s Birth Story

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On December 30, my husband and two daughters and I were awaiting the arrival of our third baby girl. I was 41 weeks 2 days. After a long, hard pregnancy we were so ready to meet her. I had had some false labor throughout the week so I was a little bit in denial when I started feeling some contractions around lunch time. We had just taken a nice long walk and I was spending my time bouncing on my exercise ball, at two o’clock I decided to time the contractions and they were 10 minutes apart. I was scheduled to go into the hospital that afternoon for a non stress test, so I contacted my midwife instead and she decided to come over and check me.  I was 2cm, very thin cervix, head engaged and very low, she was pretty confident baby was coming very soon. Not even five minutes after she left, my contractions went from 10 minutes to 3 minutes. We phoned our team, the birth photographer Shea (Coastal Life Photography) lives over an hour away so she got in touch with Ashley (Ashley Marston Photography) to come, as she lives much closer, in case she didn’t make it in time.

By 4:30, our midwife Liz and Ashley were here, my contractions were steadily coming every 2-3 minutes, I got into the bath, this really helped me work through the contractions.
My husband and daughters were incredible at supporting me through the pain.  I spent about an hour in the tub, in this time Shea and our second midwife Kate also showed up.
Our home was filled with incredibly loving, supportive and empowering women.


I had hoped to deliver in the tub, however once my “pushing contractions” started coming on, I needed to move, I got out and headed to our bedroom.
The contractions were coming on fast and strong but I was having beautiful, peaceful rest moments in between.

Just before 6pm, I was ready to start pushing, on our bed surrounded by my daughters, husband, midwives and photographer, it took about 8 minutes to bring her earthside. She was immediately placed on my chest, not crying, eyes wide open, alert. I could tell instantly she was our smallest baby, she felt so tiny in my arms. (6lbs1oz)


We got to lay there, in our bed all together and soak up every moment as all the amazing women there supported us in any way we needed.

Midwifery care is something extremely special. 

We are now 16 days postpartum, Nora is gaining beautifully and we are indulging in our baby moon as a family.  If i could give any advice to another mama, it’s to take all the time you need after having a baby, soak up the moments of being home, with your family, accept the help people offer (especially food deliveries!) limit or even refuse visitors as long as you need, I never allowed myself to feel this way with my other two daughters. It’s such an important part of bonding with your baby and allowing your body to heal.

Written with love by: Danielle Simpson

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