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What does self-care look and feel like to you?

Before embarking on this journey through motherhood I had a ton of time on my hands and absolutely no clue how important or how powerful the magic of self-love could be. Call it what you want – I believe our society is extremely lackadaisical in the promotion, cultivation + education of the vitality of this work, but that’s neither here nor there.

Initially, like so many other new mamas, I was drawn to the yoni egg practice for its physical benefits such as encouraging the tightening / strengthening / toning of my freshly wrecked pelvic floor muscles. All of which were immediately addressed by a few rounds of yoni tucks and egg asanas, but after doing a little bit of research I found (to my surprise) that many women were inquiring about how the healing properties of the yoni egg could empower them via their sexual connectivity to their partners.

Sex with a yoni egg?!

Why hadn’t I thought of that??

My partner and I were instantaneously intrigued as we have recently been exploring the power of healing touch via yoni massage. The idea of integrating a crystal conduit into our love sessions was just too much to handle without actually taking the plunge…

Can you say:


Call me crazy, but this is just too good of an experience to keep all to myself…

Not sharing it should be considered a sin!!

I chose to use my large rose quartz for our first session following a full body / yoni massage. The physical sensations and energy exchange were something completely out of this world. If I’m being completely honest, I was a little apprehensive about how my freshly wrecked, post-partum cervix was going to feel about an egg shaped gem stone being knocked into it, but on the contrary, it felt as though the egg was able to roll and reach areas of my body that seemingly haven’t been loved on in quite some time (if ever?).

Tending to your emotional and energetic bodies is a necessary work that is often overlooked or just flat out ignored all together by the majority of our society, but once you tap into this well of womb wisdom – there is no turning back!!!

Want to experience the magic of the yoni egg for yourself?

Check out my tips for a smooth and steamy love session with your crystal yoni egg:

  • Talk to your partner about the benefits; how you would like to integrate the yoni egg into your love making and how you think it might feel once things get started. Be sure to openly express any apprehensions or reservations that either of you may be carrying before embarking on this healing journey together.
  • Create a sacred space (i.e. low lighting, pillows, candles, music, aromatherapy, etc.)
  • Set an intention and meditate with your partner in an upright seated position. Perhaps you’d like to sit facing one another with palms touching. Be sure to keep your yoni egg nearby (or in your lap), and begin to practice a breath work exercise that works best for the both of you. Envision an exchange of energy flowing between the two of you as you practice synchronized breath work.
  • When you’re ready, lay back and allow your partner to explore/caress/kiss/massage your entire body from head to toe with some extra virgin coconut oil, giving up complete control of the speed and the flow. Take your time – there’s no rush!!! Side Note: Avoid any and all yoni contact!! Get close, but not too close… 😉
  • Coat your egg with coconut oil before allowing your partner to massage your yoni with the egg. When you’re ready to invite them to do so – have them gently insert the egg (large side first).
  • Follow the egg with a finger (or two) and bask in those magical sensations paired with synchronized breathing / deep touching.
  • When you’re ready and ONLY when YOU are ready, invite your partner to SLOWLY, very slowly follow the egg and enjoy…

Sparks Will Fly!!

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Written with love by: Elisia @moonsproutmama

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