Our Team

Aisling Jackson is a mama, wife, school teacher, dreamer and dancer.
Originally from Ireland, she now lives in New Zealand with her husband Paul and young son Oshie, although her little tribe loves to travel and hang out in new places together.
Aisling has always felt most herself when dancing, be it Bellydance, Bollywood dance or more recently Hoop dance. She became a holistic hoop dance instructor in 2014 and has taught classes and workshops to adults and children. She loves to spread the joy of hoop dance and share it as a tool for creativity, self-expression and connection between body and soul. She views hoop dancing as a movement meditation and believes that finding flow in the hoop can translate to finding flow in life. Aisling is passionate about all things pregnancy, birth and motherhood related and loves to connect with other mamas on Instagram. Find her @mamasoulash

Ambar Gingerelli is a wife + mama, life coach for new moms, and the creator of Mama Bird Well Nest, a blog dedicated to supporting mothers in creating happy and healthy lives. She helps mamas who are struggling to find balance learn to put themselves first so that they can have a positive experience of motherhood and feel deeply connected to themselves and their children. Ambar believes that true health comes from nurturing ourselves fully in mind, body, and spirit, and that it is vital for us to take great care of ourselves so that we are better able to care for our loved ones. She is very active on social media and would love to connect with you on her blog, www.mamabirdwellnest.com on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mamabirdwellnest and on her Instagram page @mamabirdwellnest

Doula Trish is a Sacred Birth Doula at Birth Alchemy on the South Coast of Australia. She assists women in pregnancy, birth and beyond, providing inspiration, empowerment and connection.
Trish works closely with mamas and their families during this magical process of transformation and creation to make it their own, inspiring a sacred birth connection. She believes wholeheartedly in being in the highest service to the mother in ALL-ways, in nourishing and nurturing the mother during this rite of passage so that her baby will flourish, and in doing so, her family will thrive


AmySolara has been training in various energetic and shamanic practices formally for three years, but was interested since she was a child in the unseen world of spirits, angels, gods and guides. Her teachers have come from many different traditions and paths, including Native American shamanic practices, European witchcraft, and Eastern philosophy.

Recently she began a women’s monthly New Moon circle in Phoenix, and completed Yoga Teacher Training with Anton Mackey and Desiree Lapre. Find her on Instagram at @witchyoga.

Bettina Rae is a yoga teacher, counsellor and Mama to two young boys.
She runs anonline yoga studio for mothers to help them through pregnancy and birth, to practice yoga at home and to reconnect with themselves after having children. Her activecommunity of women also gather monthly for women’s circles (both online and in-person) for group meditation, healing, intention setting and sharing their stories. She facilitates the online program;
VIVE- 21 lessons to ditch overwhelm, reconnect and trulyenjoy motherhood. Connect with her on Instagram @bettinarae and online www.bettinarae.com

Anne Margolis has been a holistic midwife for over 21 years, and is also a childbirth educator, doula and yoga teacher – specializing in prenatal and postnatal yoga as well as yoga for labor. Recognizing the great need around the globe for access to education and resources for normal, natural and joyful childbearing, Anne is expanding her integrative services to the online world. She is channeling her passion and expertise to provide online consultations and classes, webinars, retreats and workshops to meet the needs of many mamas thirsty for more information and support. Anne launched the Home Sweet Homebirth Instagram and Facebook pages and FB Home Sweet Homebirth Support Group and Community as an outlet for her passion to use social media to inspire, support, educate, and empower childbearing mamas, connect with likeminded women throughout the world, and encourage them to connect with and support each other. The community expanded rapidly and continues to grow exponentially. Find her on Instagram @homesweethomebirth and online at www.homesweethomebirth.com

Cheyenna McKenzie was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada and was blessed with the gift of motherhood in June 2015 to her beautiful boy Beau. She lives a very holistic life style, from eating all organic foods, to breastfeeding and cloth diapering. In her free time, Cheyenna loves to belly dance and finds that it connects her to her life sustaining body and to generations of woman and sisterhood. Find her on Instagram @Romani.Mama

Domino Kirke is a DONA-certified Birth doula, mother, certified Gyrotonic® instructor focusing mainly on pre-and post-natal wellness. Domino believes all families deserve to have the familiarity of a friendly face throughout their journey into parenthood, and that all women should have the opportunity to explore their birthing options without having the constraints of time or policies. As a child Domino remembers feeling extremely loving and protective towards pregnant women and infants, she always felt a very primitive responsibility towards them.

Whether your having a hospital birth, home birth or scheduling a c-section, Domino ultimately believes that in order to achieve the most positive outcome you must be tuned in, and in order to do this you must feel happy, safe and secure… she feels it is truly her privilege as a doula to make sure that’s exactly how you feel. Find her on Instagram at @carriaghousebirth and online at www.carriagehousebirth.com

Emilia is an education specialist, fitness instructor, personal trainer, blogger and co-creator of Thriving Wives. As a busy firefighter’s wife, she is fully livi
ng #threeboysunderthree with twin toddlers and a baby…all while doing it in style! She is passionate about health, fitness, being gorgeously green and living each moment with a full and thankful heart. Em enjoys garage sales and the never ending hunt for frugal fab finds, being a “cardio junkie” and
above all, living her dream as a Thriving Wife and Mommy!” Find her on online at www.thrivingwives.com

Katherine Eden-Lech (BBSc, MSW, APPAC, DSS) has been completely enchanted with women, pregnancy and birth for as long as she can remember (growing up, her Barbies and dolls were always pregnant. And her poor cousin constantly had to play mummies and babies with her). She became part of her local Adelaide doula and birth community back in 2009 while also working as a Social Worker in a variety of roles including school counselor, group facilitator (specialising in female adolescents) and for the university as a supervisor. With the desire to combine her mental health background and her passion for working with women, Katherine wanted to learn more. She had trained as a doula and completed some midwifery study, but it wasnt until after the birth of her first child in 2013 that she could finally embark on officially supporting women through her business. Katherine owns and operates Nourished Collective and Nourished, Mind and Womb and enjoys offering a unique range of services to celebrate womanhood and honor every stage. Katherine is passionate about supporting women of all ages to refill their cups, refresh where they are at, and reconnect with others and their inner self and wisdom through a variety of creative and professional services. These offerings include; placenta and doula services, birth and birth-worker mentoring and courses, henna art, ceremonies, red tents, retreats and workshops, co-creating Adelaide Birth Network, as well as many collaborations with her friend and colleague Erin Black (from Nurture the Goddess). Additionally Katherine strives to support other doulas and birth workers (particularly to avoid the common burn out), and assist the profession to rise up and be properly understood; thus offering a range of services specifically for birth workers to also refill, learn, and unite. Link to: www.nourishedcollective.com.au

Elisa Spring is a Sacred Relationship Participant and Guide, Ceremonialist, and Women’s Circle Facilitator. She is walking the Sacred Spiral of life with the intention to deepen her Connection to all that is through practices of Emotional Intimacy, Vulnerability and Expression of Truth through Relationship. She is a wife, daughter, sister, and Mother of four children. A student and steward of the Earth, a lover of ritual and ancient ways, and an Ordained Minister. Find her on Instagram @__elisa__spring and online at www.sacredrelating.com

Lindsey Bliss is the Co-director of Carriage House Birth, a birth doula, and mother of seven. Trained by DONA (Doulas of North America) and Carriage House Birth certified, Lindsey is greatly sought after and considered to be a multiples expert after giving birth and breastfeeding two consecutive sets of twins. Her interest in childbirth began at an early age. Present while her mother taught childbirth education classes at their home, Lindsey was able to state, identify, and point out a uterus on a natal chart at the age of two and a half. Fast forward to the present, Lindsey takes on her role as a birth doula and childbirth educator with serious passion and commitment. Her mission is to hold space for expectant families through education and informed decision making. Being prepared, and knowing what options are available increase the likelihood of an amazing birth. Lindsey facilitates that process, giving people the tools and inspiration to empower themselves. Her unwavering support and gentle guidance have benefited over two hundred families. Lindsey supports first time parents, multiparas, single parents, LGBT families, twins births, medicated and non medicated vaginal births, cesarean births, and VBACs. Lindsey also volunteers as a community activist working to end sexual violence, enjoys practicing yoga, and loves taking long walks on Rhode Island beaches. Find her on Instagram @doulabliss and online www.carriagehousebirth.com

Genevieve Camp is a yoga and yoga nidra meditation teacher, board-certified art therapist, licensed mental health counselor, and intuitive coach who specializes in working with women on the motherhood journey.
Through workshops, one-on-one sessions, and on-line programs Genevieve empowers women to connect with their innate creativity and embodied feminine wisdom. She firmly believes that the transformational path of
motherhood is as much about learning to unconditionally love and
nurture the Self as it is about learning to do so for others. She lives in Florida with her husband and their daughter, Persephone. Find her on Instagram at
@genevieve_camp and online at genevievecamp.com
Hilary Giles is a certified health and wellness coach focusing on pregnant and
postpartum women. During her own pregnancy, she noticed an overwhelming
amount of information and many misconceptions about prenatal self-
care. Hilary empowers soon-
to-be and new mamas to nourish themselves–and their baby–by
finding a sweet spot that incorporates a positive mindset as well as a healthy
approach to nutrition, movement, and lifestyle choices. Find her onInstagram at
Indigomoon Enemark is a Women’s Wisdom Keeper, creator of Inner Wom
an Yoga and her signature workshop Master Your Menstrual Cycle, helping women a round the world awaken their Inner Woman & turn their menstrual cycle into a muse for living life as the woman they came here to be.
Having both seen and personally experienced the transformation, and deep healing thathappens when a woman truly comes home to her feminine center, Indigomoon is committed to helping women create pleasurable cycles, feel radia
nt, and feminine from menses to menopause and beyond, become emotionally wise, and feel deeply connected to their Inner Woman. She blends feminine spirituality, intuitive pelvic bowl work, and a deep understanding of the
female cyclic body and psyche to create transformational experien
ces in her mentoring programs, online workshops, women’s yoga and Womb Massage sessions. Find her on Instagram @indigomoonenemark and online at www.IndigomoonEnemark.com

Jaz Chavae is a yoga, a doula, and an overall healer. She spreads her knowledge of yoga, meditation, and other modalities of healing with others through one on one interactions as well as through social networks. Jaz plans on healing the world by helping people remember how to listen to & love themselves. What inspires her is life. She can find inspiration everywhere, but love is her biggest inspiration. That is what keeps her going. Find her on Instagram at @jchavae

Kaitlin Coghill is the founder of Be Always Blooming, where she works as a childbirth educator and doula. She received childbirth education and postpartum doula training through CAPPA, and has studied pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period for the past four years. During those four years she experienced two pregnancies and gave birth to two sweet girls, Lorelei, now three, and Isla, now one. Before she realized her life’s calling in the birth world, she received her BA in Communication Studies at the University of San Diego, where she worked as the Editor in Chief of the student-run newspaper, The Vista, and Co-Founder/Editor in Chief of USD Radio and its accompanying website. Kaitlin is currently taking on doula clients in addition to creating an online childbirth class, which will launch this fall. Visit her website to sign up for mama/baby centered email list. Find her on Instagram @bealwaysblooming and online at www.bealwaysblooming.com

Karli Horner is a 200 E-RYT Hatha Yoga instructor specializing in prenatal and children’s yoga. Yoga came into Karli’s life at a very confusing time and helped her find purpose and peace, which now inspires her to be wonderful and to share this beautiful and healing practice. Find her on Instagram @hornerpartyofthree

Kassy Maloney is a Registered Yoga Teacher, a certified Radiant Child Yoga Teacher, Orientation and Mobility Specialist (teaching blind kids how to travel), and mom of two young boys. She helps busy moms lead more fulfilling lives by improving their health and connecting with their kids through yoga. As a working mom, she knows the struggles of trying juggle the demands of a career, motherhood, and the desire for a happier, healthier life. You can have it all! Kassy was able to get back into shape after both pregnancies by working out and practicing yoga at home with her kids and has helped many other women do the same. Find her on Instagram at @kassymaloney

Kate Alexandra is a dedicated and curious student of the yogic path. Kate’s gift as a yoga teacher is in creating for space for wholehearted learning through embodiment; encouraging students to explore and apply yoga teachings to the wisdom of their own body. She is the mother of two young children and a passionate advocate for women’s health and empowerment through the practices of self care, self study and conscious activism.” Find her on Instagram @k8alexandrayoga and online at  www.katealexandra.com.au

Erica Livingston PCD(DONA) is a certified postpartum doula and co-founder of BirdSong Brooklyn, a boutique postpartum education and doula service in NYC. Since having a beautiful baby boy in May of 2013, Erica has been working in
and around the New York birth community, teaching, writing, holding ceremony and of course doula-ing. She is a writer for Holistic Parenting Magazine, Well Rounded NY and now thrilled to be a
contributor to Pranamama.tv. Originally from Jackson, MS, she
is also a performer and dabbles in all things homesteady and crafty. She recently had her second baby boy at home in Brooklyn and is happy to be journeying deeper down the motherhood path. Find her on Instagram at @bridsongbrooklyn and online at www.birdsongbrooklyn.com


Laura Interlandi PCD(DONA) is a Writer/Performer, Postpartum Doula, Co-Founder of Birdsong Brooklyn and Mother to Aria and twins- Willow and Luca. She is compelled to sing daily, write on life and motherhood and spread the good word on how self care and community support throughout a woman’s transition into motherhood has the capacity to heal the world. Laura is blessed to live with her love Salvatore and their three starshines in New York City and travels often to her childhood home on Vancouver Island to jump in the ocean at sunrise and share with her children the magic of the forest. Find her on Instagram at @birdsongbrooklyn and online at www.birdsongbrooklyn.com

Danielle BIllotti is a Plant Based Nutritional Coach & Wellness Educator, as well as mamabird to two beautiful babes, living an all natural lifestyle. She is rooted in upstate New York with the heart of a wanderer. Find her on Instagram @dee_tox.your.life and online at www.deetoxyourlife.com

Naomi Grace Warnhoff is a mama of two wild wee goddesses who keep her on her toes, expanding her heart & always learning alongside them as they grow. Naomi was a single mama for 3 years before meeting the lover & papa bear who she now is now creating & nourishing this blended family with. Naomi believes deeply in empowering women through motherhood, pregnancy, birth, post partum & beyond! She believes that by using our voices to connect, speak, sing, chant & share our truths we open more fully to the innate wisdom & power that lives within us & those who have walked before us & so those who come through us. Find her on Instagram @earthmotherrising

Lindsay Kerr, M.Ed, PRYT, RYT200 was drawn to yoga in high school and quickly noticed the affects of the practice not only on her physical body, but on her emotional body as well. Lindsay decided to get certified during her career as a counselor to offer yoga as a integral part of therapy. Trained as a 200hr yoga instructor through Integrative Yoga Therapy and Certified; It was Lindsay’s experience of being pregnant through her teacher training which gave her first hand experience of the benefits of prenatal yoga. In 2014, when her daughter was 9 months old she went on to receive specialized training and certification as a prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor. Lindsay moved back to Lubbock to raise her daughter close to family and was excited to see a community where the practice of yoga was starting to bloom. She also saw the need for a specialized studio focusing on women and families and felt inspired to open Seed to Sprout Yoga and Wellness. Lindsay loves connecting with others and is full on in love with her daughter, Nikaya Belle. She hopes yoga helps you too in life and motherhood. In addition to Seed to Sprout, Lindsay currently also teaches restorative yoga at The Falls Tennis and Athletic Club, Prenatal yoga at UMC, and Senior Chair Yoga at Brookdale Retirement Community. Find her on Instagram at @seedtosproutyoga and online at www.seedtosproutyoga.com

Mama_XY, mother of two, is an advocate for creating a journaling self-ritual to inspire and empower women’s creative energy through documentation without rules, expectations, or limits. The quiet, yet furious power of journaling goes beyond your teenage diaries or your mom’s scrapbook–its deeper, richer, holistic, and healing. www.journalingmama.com

Melissa has been a mother for two decades now. She has five children ranging in age from 20 years old to 2 months old. All five of her children were born at home, she has exclusively breastfed, co-slept, and attachment parented all of her babies. She began baby wearing using a traditional rebozo with her first son; which evolved into using backpacks, slings, soft structured carriers, and woven and stretchy wraps. Melissa brings her expertise as a mother and her experience baby wearing to us in the hope of being able to help other mothers have an easier time on their journey of motherhood. Melissa was a certified doula from 1999-2005 where she worked with teen and at risk mothers, she has also been an apprentice midwife and a maker of organic baby skin care. Currently in her free time (of which she has very little lately) she is a family and birth photographer, Melissa also documents her life as a mother on her blog and Instagram account. She lives in Ashland, OR with her husband Joe, 16 year old daughter Eliana, 4 year old daughter Luna, and 2 month old son Kiran (her “big boys” Josiah, and Eli Boone are now grown and out on their own). Find her on Instagram at @mamabee_hive and online www.mamabeehive.org

Naomi Gottlieb-Miller is a mama of 2, a yoga teacher, a wellness coach, an activist, a wife, and a friend.She’s been called deeply insightful and unapologetically honest. Naomi is an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher, who has practiced yoga for 17 years and has taught for 11 years. Naomi leads online wellness courses for overwhelmed, stressed out, busy moms who are looking to find more ease and enjoyment in their lives through healthier habits and a more mindful approach to living. Find her online @conscioushealthymama and www.conscioushealthymama.com

Natalie Bailey has always found herself in areas of service – from a middle school history teacher, to yoga instructor, to birth doula and mama, Natalie feels most at home when in the realm of connecting, supporting, and uplifting others. As an East Coast native, Natalie has found her true home in Huntington Beach, California, teaching yoga twice a week & serving growing families across Orange County as a birth doula, childbirth educator, and baby sign language instructor. Her small tribe consists of her incredible partner, Justin, her son, Jai, and her daughter, Luna, with 3 rambunctious chihuahuas to round out the group! When not in the depth of her service as a doula or mother, Natalie can be found in her garden, in a book, or on her yoga mat. Find her on Instagram at @nataliebmama and online at www.balabirth.com

Nettie Skievaski is a mama and wife living in beautiful downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Aside from spending the days with her chunky baby boy, she loves to practice yoga, spend time in nature, and wear vintage dresses. Nettie is incredibly inspired by people who live their passion, and is striving to do the same! Find her on Instagram at @namaste_nettie

Pilar was born in Mexico and has been living in California since 2003, where she moved to acquire her Yoga certification through the Iyengar Institute and the Integral Yoga Institute both located in San Francisco. She has been a certified Yoga instructor for over a decade and has acquired different certifications for other healing modalities and trainings, such as Reiki, Theta Healing, Yoga Nidra, Sexual Priestess, Restorative Yoga, Life Coach CLC, etc. For the past two years she has been stepping more into her role as a Mentor for Women Empowerment, inspiring and empowering women to find their voice. Her writings have been featured in different online platforms for women empowerment. Her experience and passion for growth and transformation are evident through her creativity and commitment to empower women to create the life they have always dreamed of. She has been offering workshops and being part of women’s gatherings as a public speaker and yoga instructor for over a decade, here in the USA and Mexico. She currently lives in Nevada City, CA and if you want to know more about her work, check out her website where you can learn more about her yoga teaching schedule, private mentorship & yoga programs, and so much more. To find out more visit www.ihealmyselftohealtheworld.com

Nova Cox is the founder of Honey & Sage Company, an ever-evolving business that supports women’s wellness, pregnancy and postpartum through care packages, gatherings, retreats, and the private Facebook group, Sage Woman Circle. H&S is her way of intentionally spreading holy wellness. By listening to what women need and want, she believes we can fertilize the best in one another. Here’s the simple, yet big mission: better woman + better earth. She was born and raised near Dallas, Texas. Nova has a Master’s in Women’s Studies, over two years experience as a midwifery apprentice, teaches natural childbirth education, and leads women’s empowerment circles. The spirit of H&S is a direct reflection of the many hours she’s spent with women in circle, clinic and witnessing childbirth.Find her on Instagram at @honeyandsageco

Samantha Huggins is a DONA certified birth doula, mother of two little kiddos and a childbirth educator. Her journey into natural childbirth began early, having spent the latter half of her teens in a community that supported women and their right to birth in safe and celebrated environments of their choosing. After devouring any and all media surrounding natural childbirth in preparation for the birth of her daughter, Samantha once again, found herself in a world nourished by belief in a woman’s harmony with her body. Energized by her own supported birth experience and of those around her, Samantha decided to pursue becoming a Birth Doula. By doing so, she hopes to empower and educate other expecting people and their partners so that they might realize their own capacity to work together with their bodies in the symphony that is the bringing of life. Samantha will support and care for you through whatever birth process is best for you, be it home birth or hospital birth, whether vaginal or by ceasarean section. We go where you go, we birth how you birth. The end. When Samantha isn’t attending births or teaching Childbirth Education Weekend Intensives at Carriage House Birth, she unwinds with a yoga class, time with her family and friends, and travel. Find her on Instagram @samhugg www.carriagehousebirth.com

Erin Black is an enamoured Wife and devoted Mother of two wildlings, residing
on the coast in Adelaide, South Australia. She is truly blessed to be
able to weave her true passions of nurturing others and providing
compassion, care and connection into her work. Erin is a Doula, Placenta
Preparation Arts Specialist and Facilitator of workshops, retreats and
goddess gatherings for birth workers, pregnant women, mothers and
females alike. You can find Erin online at www.nurturethegoddess.com.au
and on Instagram at @nurturethegoddess.

Tiff DeLancy is a wife and a mother to two beautiful daughters. Aside from her primary focus of mothering, she is a birth doula, certified aromatherapist, hypnotherapist, and yoga instructor. She is passionate about homebirth, breastfeeding, babywearing and all things natural/instinctual/conscious/mindful. She is also very hopeful in restoring the village mentality and sisterhood of motherhood. Find her on Instagram @namastetiff and online at www.saturnsister.com

Emily is a special education teacher by day and a womb wellness advocate by night. She is the mother to Bodhi and Ivy.  Her passion for empowering women to honor and revere all the sacred passages in their lives has led her to become trained in fertility, pregnancy and childbirth education, sacred postpartum services and ceremonies, doula services for families with and without disabilities, belly dance and yoga. She supports women through in person women’s circles, belly dance classes, online workshops and classes. Emily also offers consultation and distribution of yoni eggs, women’s wellness products and essential oils. It is her divine mission and passion to support each woman she works with to find the divine goddess within herself. Find her online at www.theordinarypriestess.com