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Fabiola Perez, is a Mexican yogini living in Vancouver, BC. She has been in the path of yoga for over 8 years & a prenatal yoga advocate for 4 years, she truly believes that prenatal yoga can have an extremely positive impact during labor and postpartum, this lead her to become a Sacred Cycles Doula and a BlissBorn -Hypnosis for Birth- Educator to help women have a more peaceful & empowered birth.


Fabiola’s passion, dedication and joy of yoga is palpably felt with her teachings. Her love of movement and dance is prevalent and her feminine essence is unmistakable. She is eager about sharing a practice that will help you find freedom of movement in your own body, she will bring your inner strength out, and stability through physical alignment. She has a love affair with BREATH, which will leave you feeling with a sense of lightness and reconnection with your authentic sense of self.


Find her online at www.fabiolaperez.com

Instagram @fabiptre & @cc.cuartocreciente

Gloria DuChaine– Since she was a little girl, Gloria fondness of the well-being of Mother Earth and the magical creatures upon it (humans included!) has continually blossomed. Aside from her university studies in Biology, Gloria buries her mind into herbalism and buries her hands in the garden with her husband and daughter. Her bustling, beautiful toddler is always willing to help, and Gloria is eager to teach her. Recently she expanded her healing modalities and is a certified Reiki Practitioner. For the past year and a half, she has concentrated her herbal studies in African herbalism and herbalism for women and children through Asili Apothecary; Asili, meaning origin, genesis, nucleus. In her native land, Kenya, the people tend to the land as though it were their own creation and pass down techniques of sustainable agriculture and medicinal remedies to the next generation. Wherever we are from, it’s important that we preserve the land and take care of one another with ancestral medicine. She’s elated to share what she’s learned in her journey of motherhood  thus far with other mama’s around the world. For upcoming events and to connect with her, visit www.backtoasili.com

Sarah Sims is a Wife & Mama, a DONA trained Doula, a CLC, and a Childbirth Educator. Since the birth of her first son, Sarah has walked with over one hundred women on their pregnancy and birth journeys and has cultivated a deeply held belief that birth is the ultimate transformative event in a woman’s life. Supporting women as they walk their journey into motherhood is her deepest passion and she encourages every woman she works with to turn inwards and draw on her own wisdom and intuition.

Currently walking her own pregnancy and birth journey with her second baby, she is excited for this new season in her life and plans to continue her work empowering and encouraging women while focusing on postpartum and breastfeeding support. You can follow her pregnancy and birthing journey on Instagram @confidentbirthing

Danielle Billotti is a wife and mother to two beautiful daughters, and is also joyfully awaiting the arrival of their next little one! She is a Wellness Coach certified in plantbased nutrition. Specializing in pre and postnatal nutritional care for mothers and young children. Along with educating on the many benefits of a plantbased lifestyle, she also leads a healthy living community focused on the use of essential oils. Danielle is very passionate about homebirth, extended breastfeeding, yoga, and empowering families as a whole to take charge of their health and well being.
Find her on Instagram @daniellebillotti.nutrition + @deetox.your.life
and online at www.deetoxyourlife.com

Naomi Grace is a budding herbalist who after delving into plant medicine for a few years was able to complete her first in class herbalist apprenticeship last year, her herb lore learning continues as she deepens her practice. Naomi is also a pregnancy, birth & post partum doula with a fierce belief in empowered birth, where the mother is deeply respected & honoured in her pregnancy, birth & post partum. She is also an artist in a range of different mediums from painting, to collage as well as using her voice to allow simple yet powerful songs, chants & personalized guided meditations to come through to be received as medicine for the soul. Naomi believes that by using our voices to connect, speak, sing, chant & share our truths we open more fully to the innate wisdom & power that lives within us, those who have walked before us & so those who come through us.Naomi is a mama to 3 daughters & is married to a wild man where they live on land on Vancouver Island with their pup, 2 cats & 2 guineas. Find her on Instagram @omis.studio

Birdsong Brooklyn , a boutique postpartum education and doula service in NYC, is a dynamic duo composed of Erica Livingston and Laura Inderlandi. Erica PCD(DONA) is a certified postpartum doula and co-founder of BirdSong Brooklyn. Since having a beautiful baby boy in May of 2013, Erica has been working in

and around the New York birth community, teaching, writing, holding ceremony and of course doula-ing. She is a writer for Holistic Parenting Magazine, Well Rounded NY and now thrilled to be a contributor to Pranamama.tv.

Laura Interlandi PCD(DONA) is a Writer/Performer, Postpartum Doula, Co-Founder of Birdsong Brooklyn and Mother to Aria and twins- Willow and Luca. She is compelled to sing daily, write on life and motherhood and spread the good word on how self care and community support throughout a woman’s transition into motherhood has the capacity to heal the world. Laura is blessed to live with her love Salvatore and their three starshines in New York City and travels often to her childhood home on Vancouver Island to jump in the ocean at sunrise and share with her children the magic of the forest. Find them on Instagram at @birdsongbrooklyn and online at www.birdsongbrooklyn.com

Jordan Olivia is a healer, woman, mother, doula, yoga instructor, and nurse. Deeper than her “titles”, she is joy, hope, passion, love, and creativity. Jordan’s dharma is to heal people and help them discover their light, through sharing her journey and opening up her life to connect and inspire through that connection.

Lindsay Umlah is a Yoga teacher, Holistic Nutritional Consultant, and Mama of two. Founder and Lead Coach of Loving Myself Loudly and co-founder of The Momgasm Podcast, she lives to support Womyn and Mothers in owning exactly who they are. Lindsay specializes in body love, self-confidence, self-care, living authentically, and reclaiming sensuality. Part storyteller, part personal cheerleader, and lover of experiential learning. Her no BS approach paired with vibrant humour makes for deep life learning and all the belly laughs.

Toni-Anne is a multifaceted goddess!

This thirty two year old wife and mother is currently making the forests of North Carolina home. Toni-Anne’s devotion to holistic health and herbal support began a decade ago with her first pregnancy. Through years of self study, she creates simple, supportive medicines for herself and her loved ones.

Toni-Anne is a certified Reiki practitioner and often infuses healing Reiki energy into her remedies. She is currently studying therapeutic massage and holistic health at university and plans to open a practice focused on mothers and young children after her graduation.

Toni-Anne is also homeschooling her third grader and tiny preschooler, most days they can be found volunteering in their community garden.

In her free time she enjoys making jewelry, crocheting and hiking the falls of the Carolinas with her family.

Eden is a mama with two children ages 4 and six and half. She’s also an Ayurvedic Health Coach specializing in women’s health and she’s been teaching yoga and dance for close to ten years. She loves supporting women during the transition into motherhood and throughout the journey with Ayurvedic nutrition and self-care practices, as well as movement and guided meditation. She’s so happy to be sharing her practices with the PramaMamaTv tribe and grateful to be part of this beautiful community of mamas. Her Ayurveda and women’s health website is Soma Sister: www.somasister.com. Eden’s other passion is working with children and she runs a movement arts program for children in schools called Heartbeats Dance.

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