Sha Mama’s Little Helper: Mother’s Day Box

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Mother’s Day Came Early!!

Each of these boxes have been lovingly sealed + stuffed with all natural, woman-owned, artisan crafted products that have been hand selected

by the Sha Mama (@shamamarising) herself; with ALL of your self-care needs in mind.

Vanilla Chai Body Oil By Bellobody: TIME OUT!! This delicious oil is the perfect evening treat to indulge in after a long, hot shower or bath. It can be shared with a loved one, or keep it all for yourself. Either way, prepare to ENJOY.

Sleep Deep Tincture By Grateful Desert: “Mamas of any aged children need their deep rest. This magickal mixture crafted from a true divine witch will help Mama go deep into a restful, nourishing sleep.”

Holy Smokes – Palo Santo Aromatherapy Spray By Grateful Desert: Can you say MAMA MAGIC?! “Make a space sacred in seconds, spray to manifest an intention (such as putting an auric shield upon  yourself before entering a public space or potentially toxic environment), spray to go deeper into meditation or devotion.” Great for moon rituals; Happy New Moon in Aries!!

Moon Dust By Moon Juice: Get dusted with these customized ayurvedic satchels full of adaptogenic superherbs + supermushrooms. These are the perfect addition to your morning smoothie, coffee, juice or fruit bowl… Eat your heart out!!! 

Bright Spark Gem and Flower Essence Elixir By Sweet Lovin’ Ranch: Last, but certainly not the least!! This tiny bottle is filled with Full Moon and Reiki charged essence of healing flowers, carnelian + green calcite set with the intention to support mama. Simply add three drops to a glass of water to sip throughout the day, or take directly under the tongue for a quick afternoon pick-me-up… It’s true blue moon mama magic in a bottle.

Follow the link: to snag a Sha Mama Mother’s Day Box for yourself or that magic mama in your life!!

Instagram: @shamamaslittlehelper

Written with love by PranaMama: Elisia Chavira


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